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What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Thu 26 Jan, 2023 by Criminal Defense

The perception that many people have about what a criminal defense lawyer in Columbus does for a client is heavily influenced by movies and courtroom drama television shows.

What you see is a lot of dramatic courtroom action and plot twists that turn the case on a dime. The real work that a Columbus criminal defense attorney does is not nearly as dramatic, but it is much more comprehensive. And contrary to popular belief, the most important work we do for you is not at a high-intensity court trial.

Of course the Columbus criminal defense attorney team at Jay Perez Law always stands ready to defend you at trial, but we are also always working hard to get your case dismissed well before it even gets that far.

Our job is to support you from the start of your case to the finish, and here’s how we do that.

A Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Your Rights

In theory, if you have been accused of a crime, the authorities should explain your rights, ensure that you understand those rights, and respect them.

The reality is that your rights are often treated as an afterthought, and even if some of your rights are explained, you may not fully understand the ins and outs of the actual crime you’re being accused of. A criminal defense attorney in Columbus can explain the specifics of the charges you’re facing so you can make an educated decision about your defense.

Many innocent people have their Columbus criminal defense go poorly because they try to represent themselves and don’t understand their rights or the charges they’re facing. We ensure that you are fully aware of your rights and legal position at all times.

A Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Investigates and Handles the Process

Before you ever step foot in a courtroom, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

A Columbus criminal defense attorney will talk to their client to get details on the case, then begin investigating to gather more information and evidence about the case. That means talking to police and witnesses for further information, finding expert witnesses if necessary, and reviewing the prosecution’s case.

This process involves diving deep into every piece of evidence to see if there are things that could be interpreted differently than the way the prosecution will present them, and finding ways to support these alternate theories or interpretations to cast more doubt on the prosecution’s case.

Of course, within every step of this is keeping up with a stringent criminal justice process. There is paperwork at every turn, motions to file, and details to keep up with at every pass. The process of staying compliant with the criminal justice process is complex and requires constant attention. Even a slight delay in filing can cause your case to take a major turn for the worse.

With a skilled and experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney on your side, you can be confident that none of these details or steps in the process are being forgotten, and you don’t need to spend all of your time keeping up with it.

A Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney Handles Your Trial

As we mentioned before, if there are large enough holes in your case, a Columbus criminal defense attorney may be able to get your case dropped before it ever even gets to trial.

But in the event that this isn’t the case, your attorney will represent you at every stage of your process. Hearings, jury selection, plea bargaining, and fighting for you during the trial itself are all parts of our job.

Having a Columbus criminal defense attorney on your side means having someone to represent you and your rights at every stage of the criminal justice process. And it also means having a much greater chance of favorable results.

If you’re in need of a defense attorney who can be a reliable partner throughout your case, contact Jay Perez Law today.